Project Street: New England

Project Street is an artistic endeavor that melds travel, photography, and adventure into a collective story of different places and people through the medium of street photography

My goal for this project is to tell a collective story of New England through photography and highlight the uniqueness of the people who live throughout the region. Once captured, this story will be creatively crafted onto the pages of a quality photography book.

In order to acquire material for this book, I will travel to 10 cities throughout New England. Each day, I will visit a new city, get to know some of the people who live there and take some incredible photographs. Each night, I will compile and edit the top five photographs and send them to some of you! (see MAGIC RECIPE pledge). Some people may also be receiving postcards from each location and large prints of their choosing. (see STAMP COLLECTOR pledge and PRINT MAKER pledge). At the end of my trip, I will sift through the best images and arrange a coffee table book so the entire experience can be shared and enjoyed in one collective place. (see COFFEE BOOK pledge).

Whether you have lived in New England your entire life or have no idea where to find it on a map, through this unique artistic adventure, you will see this wonderful region in a way you have never seen before. Buckle in and put your seat back as you travel with me through one of the most amazing and historic places in the United States!

Gone Fishing

I often compare street photography to fishing. You find a good spot and then you need to be patient and wait for the shot to come to you. But when you catch that moment, you know you've got a keeper!

About Me

I have lived in New England my entire life. I have many hobbies and interests, but almost a year ago, I started getting serious about street photography. I went shooting, learned techniques, read ebooks and spent a lot of time admiring other street photography from around the world. As I enjoy traveling, exploring cities, and photography, street photography has become a passion!

One year later, I have a surprising following and over 1.7 million views on Google+ alone!

As a way to expand my skills, explore some new cities, create an awesome book and say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me thus far, I want to start this first (of hopefully many) part series of Project Street!

Two and Two

Why New England?

"If you don't like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes" - Mark Twain

New England is one of the most historic areas in the United States, with settlements dating well before the American revolution. This history has affected the development of many of the cities in New England, most notably Boston, where 300 year old buildings coexist with the modern skyline.

New England is also known to have quickly changing weather and rough winters. The breathtaking scenery can be brightly lit one minute and then dark and stormy, the next. Temperatures can range from -35 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to 95 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.

All of these factors can add an interesting twist to street photography!

10 Cities in 10 Days Day

Day 1: Burlington, VT

Day 2: Hanover, NH

Day 3: Springfield, MA

Day 4: Hartford, CT

Day 5: New Haven, CT

Day 6: Newport, RI

Day 7: Worcester, MA

Day 8: Boston, MA

Day 9: Portland, ME

Day 10: Boothbay, ME

Tech Department

Nikon D7100

The Nikon D7100 is the prequel to the latest D7200, Nikon's high-end DX-Format camera. While not a high-end FX format camera, this DSLR has been a pleasure to work with. I am able to get the quality results I need and it has the versatility of an F-Mount taking both DX and non-DX format lenses.

Nikon Nikkor 24mm f/2.8D

The Nikon D7100 is the prequel to the latest D7200, the high end DX-Format camera. While not a high-end FX format camera, this DSLR has been a pleasure to work with. I am able to get the quality results I need and it has the versatility of an F-Mount taking both DX and non-DX format lenses.

Adobe Photoshop

It can be hard to get the quality result you are looking for without using Photoshop to some extent. I have been using the software for years now and have become very familiar with the basic and more advanced tricks that can enhance your images. In street photography however, I use Photoshop in a very limited way. Generally, I apply only a simple recipe (see MAGIC RECIPE pledge) of blend layers to increase the contrast.

Adobe Lightroom

Since Lightroom 5 came out, it is been my go-to for managing my images and making all initial RAW adjustments.


VSCO offers excellent quality presets designed to mimic the dynamics of real film as well as the look of real film grain. These presets allow me to quickly and effectively narrow down the look I am going for.

Risks and challenges

Anyone who lives in New England knows that weather is always a concern as it can change at any minute. On the plus side, that also means it has the possibility to change back at any minute! This time of year, rain is the main concern and not a big one at that.

That being said, I prefer to shoot in the high contrast of a bright sunny afternoon and generally it seems as though people prefer those shots as well. If it does happen to rain, I will use this as an opportunity to expand my skills!

There is also always the chance for technology malfunctions. I have had the unfortunate fate of losing photos on a few occasions and can say that I am now as cautious as ever. I have dual memory card slots in my camera that are set to instantly copy each image to a second card. This ensures that if there is damage to one card, I still have the images saved on a second. In addition, I will back everything up nightly on an external drive. You can never be too careful!

Nightly internet access may or may not be a concern. It should be possible to access the internet every night, but if there are any issues, I will post as soon as possible.

Thank YOU!!

Thank you for your interest and support!

- Tabor

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