Welcome to Havana!

Cuba is a place that all American's could point to on a map, but today remains relatively unknown to most. What often comes to mind, especially with older generations, are memories of America's closest enemy: the Bay of Pigs, the Cold War, dilapidated buildings and Fidel Castro's oppressive socialist country.

For decades, Cuba has been held back by the U.S. and its allies because of their cooperation with Russia. With limited imports, Cubans have been forced to use and maintain what they have had since the 1950's. As a result, the country remains largely stuck in time and all Cubans have had to find creative new methods of accomplishing daily tasks, making them some of the most resourceful people on the planet.

That all started to change In 2014, when President Barack Obama announced intentions to restore diplomatic relations between America and Cuba. Obama said his policy would, "open the door to travel and commerce." Since then, flights between the U.S. and Cuba have restarted, smartphones and limited internet access are available, and many U.S. companies are making plans for expansion into Cuba.

"Cuba will certainly change in the coming years"

With these changes and many others, Cuba will certainly change in the coming years. However, this change may not be as quick as many have anticipated. Most Americans are still hesitant to travel to a place with travel restrictions and unknown safety. As a result, tourism has not yet increased as expected. Airlines are even scaling back the number of flights and the size of the planes traveling to Cuba.

This means that there is still time to see Havana before it significantly changes. Enjoy friendly people, delicious food, classic cars, energetic music, pristine beaches, tropical heat and beautiful sunsets. For those considering traveling to Havana, Cuba, we hope that these images and captions will convince you to make the trip. We took a chance and explored the streets of Havana in December 2016 and are glad we did!

This is Havana!
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